Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thoughtful Support and Creativity

       The past few months I have been doing a whole lot for my parents. I am so thankful to have the time to help. I am even more thankful that my parents are now local so I CAN help out!  The 2 weekends we went away my brother and sister-in-law came from NJ to help out! Getting away for a bit to recharge was wonderful! When I went to my Mom's on Monday to take her over to the rehab. to visit Dad I saw this cool thing on her kitchen table!  This is what I saw:

For those of you who do not know my sister-in-law Lisa is just endlessly creative. Lisa and my brother Donald have a side business where she makes beautiful and delicious candy creations among other things! They wanted to do something to thank me for helping out with Mom and Dad but she and my brother know I have been working hard doing WW to lose weight. She did not want to set me up for failure by making something that would make me take steps backwards. Instead of giving me the chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered oreos(that I LOVE) and that would take ALL my points away in the blink of an eye she put together an arrangement of Weight Watchers candies for me!  I cannot get over how thoughtful this was. It was also a huge sign of encouragement from her and my brother!!

Oh I will post a link for their business as soon as the site is up and running! They are in the process of improving the site as I type this!!

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