Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seeing The Fruits of My Labor

   I am several weeks behind with posting updates. Things have been turned upside-down since Dad got sick.

          I want to go back to February 18, 2012. On that day I went to a brunch because a family that is very dear to my heart had come back to Morgantown for a visit. When I saw my friend Karen her first response was, "Oh wow! You look so good!" My immediate response was, "Really?? I have only lost 11 lbs.  How can you see a difference?"  This negative response is typical because I have NEVER received compliments well.(Something else I need to work on.)  Karen said, No you look a lot different than when I saw you in May. I thanked her and enjoyed the rest of our visit.

      Shortly after that visit I went to the bank and needed to give them my drivers license. When I looked at the photo my license I was taken back. My face was so fat I almost did not recognize myself. I had my new photo taken in April of 2011. That was when I realized I had lost much more weight than I am giving myself credit for. Looking back at that photo made me realize it was spring/summer of 2011 I was at my highest weight which was a SCARY 277 lbs. I lost about 12lbs. before I began WW in Jan.  I have lost 20+ lbs total. Woohoo!!!


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